How Covid-19 is changing investor perceptions towards investment advice

Daniele Bernardi, CEO of DIAMAN For the wealth management industry, the pandemic and subsequent volatility provoked has shifted investor perceptions towards investment advice, with many now placing more importance on retaining a human-touch within advisory services. Covid-19 sent the global markets into free fall as countries halted day-to-day activity, in order to halt the virus. Investors panicked –  even those with the right advice lost money and those with less advice lost much more. According to DIAMAN’s survey of over 1000 investors in the UK, recent market uncertainty has left investors on automated advice platforms feeling unsupported. In fact, over half (54%) of respondents aged 18-25 said that, since the beginning of Covid-19 induced market volatility, they have lost trust in using robo advisors, with many (67%) investors now calling for a digital experience that also enables interaction with a human advisor, without the fees typically associated with bespoke services. 

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